Thursday, June 18, 2009

14 Weeks - 2nd Trimester (DB)

Second trimester!!! With every week that passes, we get a little more excited and a little less worried. The second trimester is a huge milestone, especially after everything that we've been through.

I am constantly alternating between feeling like this pregnancy is flying by and feeling like it's moving along so slowly. It's one of those funny things in life that seems to hit you in waves. Most of the time, if it wasn't for the baby pouch I'm sporting, it doesn't completely register with me that I am pregnant. Then I see a commercial or email with babies and all of a sudden I get this crazy rush that one of those tiny babies is growing inside of me! Wow... talk about feeling a ton of emotions all at once! I think that once I can feel the baby wiggling around in there it will start to feel real all of the time for me. From what I hear, I should start to feel those little butterfly flutters in just a few more weeks! I can't wait!

Our next doctor's appointment is on Tuesday. I'm so excited because Paul will be coming with me and he will get to hear our little one's heartbeat for the first time! And it is such a beautiful sound. It's making me cry again just to think about hearing it. We are so blessed.

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