Monday, November 30, 2009

November 25th Update

Good Morning Family & Friends!

We went in this morning for our 37 week ultrasound to see how the baby is measuring. Again we were told that he is measuring ahead of schedule, though not quite as far along as before. They think he is already at the 7 lb. 10 oz. mark. My doctor called me shortly after our ultrasound to go over the findings. She is concerned about something called “shoulder dysplasia” because the baby is so large, especially in the belly (so he’s a little chunker!). From what I understand, if you deliver naturally with a baby that is measuring this way, there is a chance of this problem. The baby’s head comes out fine, but then they have trouble getting the rest of the baby out. This can cause permanent damage to his shoulders and it can also cut off his oxygen. It often leads to an emergency C-section or other complications in the delivery room.

So we may have some decisions to make. They can schedule a c-section for one week before my due date. Or they can schedule to induce one week before my due date. (And with inducing, there is a greater chance of having to do an emergency c-section anyway).

We are of course concerned with the situation, but not completely freaked out. The best possible thing that we can see happening at this point is if I went into labor NOW on my own. My doctor said if that happens, she doesn’t think we would have a problem at this point.

Please keep our little guy in your prayers and also that we will be able to make the best decision possible if we need to.

In the meantime, we have attached the latest pictures of our little man! :) Enjoy!

Danielle & Paul

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Breastfeeding and Other Awkward Activities (Dad)

Just a foreword, instead of having to decide between writing "breasts" or "boobs" or "bazookas" throughout the following description, I think I'll just abbreviate the term as "BB". It doesn't really stand for anything. It's just a lot less embarrassing to type than, say, "jahooblies" or "kazangas" or "nunga-nungas."

Anyway, let's continue. So last night we went--


Sorry, just had to get that last one out of my system. As I was saying, last night we attended the last of our five prenatal courses, and I'm glad we took it last. After seeing birth videos and baby crash test videos and baby choking videos, watching a mother with rather misshapen assets attempt to nurse her child didn't even make me flinch. I mean, it was basically a two-hour introduction to every single shape and size of BBs one can imagine. What I never realized before is that it's so complicated. In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense. Little babies have certain instincts that will help, but ultimately, the mother has to make herself compatible with his particular nursing habits. To demonstrate why a class exploring one of the most natural events in life was so awkward, I'll just say that the instructor's advice for helping a small baby nurse was to "squish the BB like you would a sandwich so that the baby can get it in his mouth."

First of all, I would just like to say that I don't squish my sandwiches. And sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes. Do we squish the BB like a subway sandwich which is kind of round? Or do we squish it like a grilled cheese which is very flat? Be specific, Lady!

So maybe it would have been more helpful to say something to the effect of "you need to squeeze your BB so that it flattens out like an Almond Hersheys bar." Almond Hershey bars are ALWAYS the same size. That's what's so cool about them. Or she could have even said something like, "flatten your BB so that it assumes the approximate shape and size of a Chipotle quesadilla with meat and cheese only and not even those leftover little lettuce bits that always get on my quesadilla from the guy's burrito before me". THAT would have been much more understandable to me.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough about breastfeeding. I'm sure we're better for taking it. I know Danielle will do just fine. So yay, classes all done. Time to put our education into practice.

Oh, and one more thing...


Monday, November 16, 2009

Under a Month! (Dad)

Our countdown timer is under the one month mark now - 30 days to be exact. And that doesn't take into account the doctor's recent prediction that our son may come closer to December 4th than the 17th. That's two and a half weeks away! Either way, Danielle and I are in hardcore nesting mode now. The house is pretty much ready, particularly the nursery and guest rooms which look to get quite a bit of use this winter.

Danielle has packed her hospital bag and I just need to add a couple of my own things, but the important thing is, she's ready. I still would like to take a video of her stomach moving before it's too late. I never want to forget how cool it is to see our little guy sticking his hands and feet up against mama's uterine wall. And let's be honest - Danielle just wears that belly like nobody's business! I need to document that for future generations who fail to believe that pregnant and sexy are not mutually exclusive.

Lately Junior and I have been playing the flashlight game. Danielle's belly is stretched thinly enough that when I shine a light against it, the baby sees and reacts to it. This is a wonderful experience for two reasons: 1) it means the baby can see!; and 2) it means the baby can react! I briefly considered teaching our boy Morse code but then decided this was silly, again for two reasons: 1) nobody knows Morse code any more; and 2) my son's first two languages have already been agreed upon: English and C++. I want to have the world's first computer programming toddler. Anyway, the flash light game is the first of many games I anticipate over the next 18 years until our son ultimately rejects us and moves to Southern California to pursue a career in post-modern film and surfing.

Danielle and I have gotten a jump on Christmas shopping for the year so that we don't have to waddle through the crowded stores come Christmas time (or even worse, tote a two-week old around). This has been an eye-opening experience for a procrastinator like myself. I didn't know you were allowed to do your Christmas shopping early! But what a novel idea to try to have all our presents bought and wrapped by Thanksgiving! Danielle's been far more successful than I have, but still, even having one present bought before December 20th is progress for me.

Anyway, here comes the homestretch! This is where the Lamaze (what I remember of it) and the yoga (which we've only done once) and all the books (I skimmed a couple of them) should come in handy. In one month from now, if all goes well, we're going to have a little baby.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Braxton Hicks (Mom)

So... had a little excitement yesterday. I started having Braxton Hicks contractions, which I've had in the past, but I was suddenly able to feel them. It was just a slight discomfort. So I started tracking them only to find that I had 5 in an hour, which is more than I should be getting. So I called the doctor's office and spoke to a nurse. She told me that it was probably nothing to worry about but that it might be a sign that I was doing too much. She told me to go home and lay down and drink lots of water and then track them again. So I did that, and they got better. I was still having them, but they had slowed down substantially.

I think I've got everyone on high alert now. haha Good practice run though!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Star Is Born - Baby Shower (Mom)

Carly, Ashley & Mom threw us a FABULOUS baby shower!!! (Thank you!!!) They kept the theme a surprise until we arrived... "A Star Is Born". What an appropriate theme for us... all about movies! (Because we all know that this child is going to be a star in many a film that we make)! :) There were balloons and stars hung everywhere!

We were in the Mallard Room (again, how appropriate for me) at the Mill Race Inn in Geneva. An entire wall of the room was made up of windows overlooking the Fox River. It was so pretty! And we couldn't have asked for better weather... it was in the 70's in November! We had such a good turnout of people... family and friends and people we love! Philip had also put together a slide show of all our maternity pictures for display that turned out so nice. It was such a fun day!

Here are some pictures:

We Have a Daycare (Mom)

On my way to work this morning, I dropped off a deposit at the daycare we decided to go with. It feels good to have this taken care of. Paul and I both felt very comfortable at this place. It reminds both of us of our childhood schools. And we have had good feelings about all of the people that we have met so far. I think our baby boy will get lots of attention, be loved and well taken care of at this place. And that's what matters the most. So as much as I still don't want to leave him with someone else, I feel good about our choice.