Thursday, July 30, 2009

Veggies (Mom)

Much to his father's dismay, I do believe our baby likes veggies. I just ate a big bowl of them and then I could feel the baby wiggling around! :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

20 weeks... almost (Dad)

Here's a photo from yesterday's ultrasound. What a great birthday present - to see the baby and learn just a little more about him/her...

As in, which of those two pronouns we can finally stop using. However, since not everyone knows yet, and because Danielle (Mom) might want to tell some people in person, I'll hold off just a little longer from saying anything. I did include just a tiny little clue, though...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

19 week appointment (Mom)

Hearing the sound of our baby's heartbeat is just so amazing. Its one of those things that I think I could never get enough of. Fortunately the nurse that checks it at every appointment seems to realize this and finds a good spot and lets me listen while she watches the excitement on my face.

So today's doctor appointment went well. The baby's heart rate was at 150 and all the monthly tests and checks looked good. I got the okay to start a pregnancy yoga video, which I'm very happy about. I think it should help limit the amount of aches and pains I get as I get bigger. And I've also heard that it's really good for practicing your breathing.

I'm really coming to like my doctor quite a bit. She's kind of a no nonsense, this is how it is kind of person. She always takes the time to answer my monthly list of questions and never hesitates with the answers which makes me feel confident that she knows what she's talking about. She doesn't seem to worry too easily but she understands that I do, so she meets me in the middle. It forces me to worry a little less, which is good. Looks like I stick with her for the next two appointments before I have to start going through the rotations with all the other doctors in the practice.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

17 Week Photo

This baby is really growing!

Seeing Our Baby (Mom)

The last time we saw our baby, he/she looked like a tiny little bean. There was nothing to indicate that it was a little person in there. This time, wow… there was a baby! And it was OUR baby. Bouncing around and wiggling and flipping. Complete with two arms and two legs, and two hands and two feet, two eyes and a little nose, and a little heart just pumping away. It’s a little version of us. I can’t explain how emotional and amazing it was to see him/her in there and to know that our baby is growing and developing just like he/she should be.

I feel little wiggly feelings in my belly from time to time now. And after seeing that ultrasound it’s no wonder; this child is bouncing all over the place!

I am just so amazed, and so thankful that we get to experience this. What a huge blessing. I can’t wait to meet our little miracle.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby looks familiar.... (Dad)

I'm probably going to get in a lot of trouble for this, but... our little baby reminded me of someone.

Ultrasound Video - Youtube Version

Since this guy doesn't know what he's doing, I'm going to link to the same video on YouTube. I don't know which version will be better or faster, but in the interest of providing too many options to choose from, I'm including both. Hopefully you can watch at least one of these videos without problem!

Monday, July 13, 2009

First Peek at our Baby! (Mom and Dad)

I hope this works. Youtube and Photobucket are giving me fits about uploading video files. I've been trying all day! Ahem... while working hard on several other things at work, of course. Here's a short, sappy collage of some of the more exciting moments of the ultrasound. As for the sex of the baby...

Inconclusive. For now.

Like we'd tell you anyway ;-)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Innie vs. Outie (Dad)

Today could be the day we find out whether we're going to have a little Elmer Goliath Bishop or a Petunia Delilah Bishop. That would be just a bonus, though. Our top priority is just to see the baby for the first time in over ten weeks. Last time we saw him/her, he/she looked like a legume. This time, God-willing, he/she should look like a fully-formed miniature version of what he/she will look like upon birth.

It's amazing how quickly the last ten weeks have flown by. Every Monday, I've taken much pleasure in Googling for "8 week fetus" or "11 week fetus" or "17 week fetus". At 17 weeks, the baby should be over 5 inches long from crown to rump, weigh around 5-6 oz., and have all the features one comes to expect from a baby: little fingers, little ears, little toe nails, and plus or minus one little feature that will determine whether this father paints the nursery hot pink or navy blue.

Just a couple more hours! They say drinking a little caffeine or sugar before the ultrasound makes the baby more wiggly so that we can see more detail. Save up your energy little Elmer/Petunia! We're hoping you'll dance for us, because we've been dancing for you for 17 weeks now.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little Flutters (Mom)

On Saturday, during the 4th of July fireworks on the Glenview golf course, I felt a little something unusual happening in my belly. I can only describe it as a little wiggly feeling that started right after the fireworks started. I leaned over and told Paul that I thought I felt the baby moving. When we got back to the house I told my Mom about it and she said she wondered if I would feel something with all those fireworks going off. And when I described the feeling to her and later to Dorothy, they both agreed that I was probably feeling our little baby wiggling around!

I have felt the same wiggly feeling a couple of times since then. The more frequently I feel it the more I feel confident that it is the baby moving. But I’d like to feel it a few more times… just to be sure!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Checklist for Baby (Dad)

I've decided to modify this list for two reasons: 1) Many people seemed to think that this was a clue that we were having a boy. Not true. We don't know yet. 2) When I began to create a list for girls, I noticed it was very similar. Rather than be redundant, I'll just modify this to pertain to either.

1 year old - Finger paint prodigy
2 years old - Throw a baseball
3 years old - Fluent in (at least) three languages
4 years old - Dribble a basketball
5 years old - Bowl a perfect game without bumpers
6 years old - Little League pitching all-star
7 years old - Start a blog and gain at least 1,000,000 hits
8 years old - Write a children's book
9 years old - Make an award-winning short film for class project
10 years old - Make basketball, baseball / softball, and track team
11 years old - Win the National Spelling Bee
12 years old - Win the Science Fair
13 years old - Publish first novel
14 years old - Make varsity basketball, baseball / softball, and track team as freshman
15 years old - First summer job - will make $40k a year by developing website
16 years old - First white boy / white girl to win national high school dunk contest
17 years old - Internship with Pixar or LucasFilm
18 years old - Full basketball and academic scholarship to school of choice
19 years old - For boy: First girlfriend, but only if she's pre-med or pre-law
For girl: See 35
20 years old - Attain double Ph.D. in English and Computer Science
21 years old - Buy parents a beach house in Hawaii
35 years old - For girl: First boyfriend, but only if he meets the qualifications of this list.