Thursday, August 20, 2009

23 Weeks (Mom)

Photo taken at 22 1/2 weeks

It felt like overnight I was suddenly able to feel a huge difference in the way my son moves around inside. All of a sudden, he started kicking hard! One night towards the end of our vacation Paul and I were laying in bed. Baby started kicking and I told Paul to watch my stomach and maybe we would be able to see something. And there it was, a huge movement that we could see from the outside... and we both saw it for the first time together! It was AWESOME! Now it happens just about everyday.

The baby kicked a lot on our travel days... it made me wonder if babies have any sort of issues with the pressurization/depressurization associated with air travel. I know I have problems with it myself, so I wouldn't be surprised. He also really seemed to like It's a Small World and Pirates of the Carribean rides at Disneyland.

I've also had a huge craving for lemonade for a long time. And the sugar really makes him dance around a bunch.

Time is really starting to fly now. Time to get the nursery ready!

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  1. Very cool!!!! I felt Audrey for the first time on our way to Phoenix, so maybe there is smething to the plane travel theory!