Friday, May 29, 2009

9 weeks 3 days (DB)

Written on 5/20/09

Telling my Family: Obviously I wanted to wait as long as possible to start telling people about our pregnancy this time. And then Mother's Day was quickly approaching and I decided that that would be the day I would tell my family. Well, the Nemeth Boys annual fishing trip fell on that weekend and I knew that I would never make it to Sunday without telling so we went ahead and let everyone know on Friday night. We were all sitting around the kitchen table eating Moon Doggies. I pulled out a card and handed it to my Mom. She opened it and it was a Mother's Day card addressed "To Grandma". She read it out loud and sort of looked at me funny before opening it to find an ultrasound picture with a note saying that Baby Bishop was due to arrive this December. Then she got teary eyed and smiled really big and was like, "Really!!!" and came over for hugs. Poor Carly was trying to figure out what was going on. As soon as she figured it out she jumped up, started crying and hugged me about 4 times! Dad's eyes filled up with tears too as he patted Paul on the back. (Ashley and Julio found out a couple weeks earlier because Ashley noticed that I had not been drinking any caffeine or liquor at Nina's babies' baptism.) But Ashley was all teary eyed again too!

On Mother's Day, we went over to Grandma D & Papa Mike's house for a BBQ. The weather was really nice so we were all sitting out on the patio talking. I kept waiting for everyone to be outside at the same time but people kept wandering away! So finally I got everyone outside and I stood up in the middle of the group and said, "Okay, now before anyone else walks away again, I have something to say. We are pregnant!" There were some very shocked faces! But everyone started coming over to hug and congratulate us! And Grandma D was very happy (she had been so worried, I couldn't make her wait any longer. And once she knows everyone else will!).

General Update: My last ultrasound at Dr. Morris' office went really well. The baby had gotten bigger and was developing right on track. And we got to see her/his heartbeat going nice and strong. We were told that we had "Graduated" from the specialist and were released back to my regular OBGYN. My first appointment there is next Tuesday. My stomach is starting to get hard; it's really cool! My pants are not fitting very well. I can no longer button my jeans comfortably so I have started using a "belly band" on a regular basis. I'm not ready to start wearing maternity clothes quite yet though. I'd really like to make it through the first trimester before I move to the maternity wardrobe. Carly has given me a large container of all her maternity clothes, so I already have lots to choose from!

Most of the Fusion crew already knows now too. They have all been very excited and supportive as well. We went to dinner at Dana & Jeff's one night and while Dana and I were talking I just held up a picture of the ultrasound. She started crying right away! Jennie figured it out at her bridal shower when I drank sprite during her toast instead of campaign. I told a lot of the gals at Jennie's bachelorette party since it was pretty obvious that something was up because I was drinking Shirley Temples. Then we told the Scotts and the Spooners at the Ziegert/New wedding. Everyone has been so great! There are just a few more people to get the news to before we make it general knowledge!

Current Symptoms: I am nauseous a lot of the time, but I have not gotten sick at all. It's hard when it comes time to eat because nothing ever sounds good. But like I said, I'm not getting sick so I am still able to get food into my system! And I'm not quite as tired as I have been in past weeks, which is nice!

Current Food Cravings: Fruit (in large quantities), veggies, and cheese.

Current Food Aversions: Tomato based sauces, meat

Overall I feel great! I have no complaints! Even when I'm feeling sick, I'm just so grateful for symptoms because they make me feel like the baby must be okay in there. I still worry quite a bit, but I suppose that is normal. But despite the worry, I have allowed myself to get REALLY excited about this baby now!

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