Friday, May 29, 2009

Finding out we were pregnant... (DB)

Written April 13, 2009

I was a couple of days late, but I didn't want to read into it too far. I figured my body could very likely still be recovering from the miscarriage. But on Saturday morning, I decided to use the last pregnancy test... just in case. And there was a faint second line. So I went and woke Paul up. He looked at it too, and neither of us was sure what to think. Are we sort of pregnant? So Paul called the doctor's office and they said I should come in for a blood test.

We were guardedly excited and optimistic. We were also very nervous and neither of us was really able to concentrate much so we took a long nap before going out for lunch. On our drive home from Meatheads, the phone rang.

"You're pregnant!" I responded, "I AM?!?!" To which Paul and I both started crying all over again.

So here we are again. I had another blood test this morning. Hopefully that will have good results too. Then we will schedule an ultrasound for probably sometime next week.

We are shocked, excited, nervous, happy... it is such a mixed bag of emotions right now. But above all, we are hopeful. And that is something I wasn't sure I would feel again so soon. And that makes me very happy.

God is AWESOME! And I feel terrible for being angry with Him after the miscarriage. But I think He probably understands.

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