Friday, October 30, 2009

Danielle's Surprise Work Shower (Mom)

When I got to work today, I had a busy morning ahead, but it looked like the afternoon was shaping up to be slower paced and more relaxing, just the way you want a Friday afternoon to be. But then, it started. The guys kept bringing me these ridiculous projects and telling me that they were in a huge hurry for it. So I ended up taking a really late lunch at which point I was no longer hungry. Then I went back to my desk and spent the afternoon desperately trying to keep up with the strange requests.

Then all the laundry guys started making their way to the training room talking about a meeting they were having. And then a few minutes later, Brad pops around the corner and says, "Hey Danielle, we're going to have a little training going on in here and I was hoping you could come and take notes for us." So I found a notebook and pen and made my way back to the training room. The door had been shut behind him so I opened it, and lo and behold, there were all of my coworkers in a fully decorated room!

And of course I stared crying right away because it was so sweet! The room was decorated so nicely... tablecloths on all the tables, balloons and streamers all around!

And then I noticed Paulie hiding behind the girls! Aww! He kept the secret from me and the girls were able to sneak him into the office without me knowing!

So we spent the next couple of hours eating pizza and chips and dip. And there were shower games... guess how many kisses are in the giant baby bottle and guess that baby food! haha The guys were very good sports considering this was the first ever baby shower for most of them and most of them have no experience with baby food.

After games, they gave us lots of wonderful presents! A pack and play, diaper genie with refills, car seat base, and portable high chair! Then they had an ice cream sundae bar (do they know me or what!) for dessert. :)

It was a wonderful shower! Here are some pictures...

Me walking in the door:

I remember saying "you can't do this to a pregnant girl" (because I was crying... and pregnancy makes you super emotional) and Brad started laughing and gave me a hug

Aww, Paulie was there! That made me very happy!

The baby food game! Done the manly way... with plenty of beer to wash down any yucky tasting foods.

Opening presents

The office gals! Jackie, Me, Julie, Loretta

Me and Paulie

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  1. if you have time, i'd like to see some pictures from the shower this past weekend if you have any. :) you haven't posted anything in november yet!