Thursday, October 8, 2009

30 Weeks (Mom)

I can’t believe we only have 10 weeks to go (maybe even less) until our baby boy arrives. It just doesn’t feel like very much time and still I feel so unprepared in a lot of ways. But Paul and I both work better as we get close to deadlines so I’m sure everything will get done! Let’s see, I think I’ll make a list:

• Pick out and buy paint
• Paint nursery
• Clean out nursery closets
• Sort and hang baby clothes
• Sort and find a new location for maternity clothes
• Set up new baby items as we get them
• Move our bed into the guest room to make room for our new king size bed
• Rearrange playroom to make room for baby toys!
• Perhaps buy a small bookshelf for the nursery???

Okay, I feel better now.

But of course that’s just the logistical side of being ready. Emotionally and physically I feel a lot more ready for this baby to be here! I just want to hold him so badly and snuggle his sweet little face and breathe in that new baby smell from the top of his head. I think Paul and I are both just looking so forward to having him here that sometimes 10 weeks feels like such a long time to have to wait for him. We talk about how fun it’s going to be to just sit and watch him and play with him and hold him and… ah… we are just SO excited.

We are also totally excited about our baby’s newest cousin arriving in just a few short days! Diana and Jeremy are in India right now picking up their little girl, Jada. We cannot wait to meet her and welcome her into the family! And with Elise and Garth expecting a baby in March, we are just so excited to watch our family continue to grow! What a fun time in life!

In other pregnancy related stuff:

This past weekend we had maternity pictures taken! My cousin Philip was nice enough to bring all his equipment out to our house and take the pictures for us! I am very excited to see how they turned out!

And our shower is only a month from today! I’m getting very excited about it!

I’ve been having all kinds of crazy dreams lately. Things like forgetting to feed the baby because he’s asleep and I don’t want to wake him up and being chased up a hill by bad guys with guns. I’m telling you, these pregnancy dreams can get intense!

I have another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and then I start going every two weeks instead of every four weeks. We are also going to have one more ultrasound done at 37 weeks to see just how large this baby is getting as he is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule!

Thankfully my back has not been bothering me much for a while now. I’m starting to get sleepy a lot again and I move quite a bit slower than usual, but those are things that are expected and really don’t bother me! But I feel absolutely GREAT most of the time!

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