Monday, November 30, 2009

November 25th Update

Good Morning Family & Friends!

We went in this morning for our 37 week ultrasound to see how the baby is measuring. Again we were told that he is measuring ahead of schedule, though not quite as far along as before. They think he is already at the 7 lb. 10 oz. mark. My doctor called me shortly after our ultrasound to go over the findings. She is concerned about something called “shoulder dysplasia” because the baby is so large, especially in the belly (so he’s a little chunker!). From what I understand, if you deliver naturally with a baby that is measuring this way, there is a chance of this problem. The baby’s head comes out fine, but then they have trouble getting the rest of the baby out. This can cause permanent damage to his shoulders and it can also cut off his oxygen. It often leads to an emergency C-section or other complications in the delivery room.

So we may have some decisions to make. They can schedule a c-section for one week before my due date. Or they can schedule to induce one week before my due date. (And with inducing, there is a greater chance of having to do an emergency c-section anyway).

We are of course concerned with the situation, but not completely freaked out. The best possible thing that we can see happening at this point is if I went into labor NOW on my own. My doctor said if that happens, she doesn’t think we would have a problem at this point.

Please keep our little guy in your prayers and also that we will be able to make the best decision possible if we need to.

In the meantime, we have attached the latest pictures of our little man! :) Enjoy!

Danielle & Paul

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