Monday, November 16, 2009

Under a Month! (Dad)

Our countdown timer is under the one month mark now - 30 days to be exact. And that doesn't take into account the doctor's recent prediction that our son may come closer to December 4th than the 17th. That's two and a half weeks away! Either way, Danielle and I are in hardcore nesting mode now. The house is pretty much ready, particularly the nursery and guest rooms which look to get quite a bit of use this winter.

Danielle has packed her hospital bag and I just need to add a couple of my own things, but the important thing is, she's ready. I still would like to take a video of her stomach moving before it's too late. I never want to forget how cool it is to see our little guy sticking his hands and feet up against mama's uterine wall. And let's be honest - Danielle just wears that belly like nobody's business! I need to document that for future generations who fail to believe that pregnant and sexy are not mutually exclusive.

Lately Junior and I have been playing the flashlight game. Danielle's belly is stretched thinly enough that when I shine a light against it, the baby sees and reacts to it. This is a wonderful experience for two reasons: 1) it means the baby can see!; and 2) it means the baby can react! I briefly considered teaching our boy Morse code but then decided this was silly, again for two reasons: 1) nobody knows Morse code any more; and 2) my son's first two languages have already been agreed upon: English and C++. I want to have the world's first computer programming toddler. Anyway, the flash light game is the first of many games I anticipate over the next 18 years until our son ultimately rejects us and moves to Southern California to pursue a career in post-modern film and surfing.

Danielle and I have gotten a jump on Christmas shopping for the year so that we don't have to waddle through the crowded stores come Christmas time (or even worse, tote a two-week old around). This has been an eye-opening experience for a procrastinator like myself. I didn't know you were allowed to do your Christmas shopping early! But what a novel idea to try to have all our presents bought and wrapped by Thanksgiving! Danielle's been far more successful than I have, but still, even having one present bought before December 20th is progress for me.

Anyway, here comes the homestretch! This is where the Lamaze (what I remember of it) and the yoga (which we've only done once) and all the books (I skimmed a couple of them) should come in handy. In one month from now, if all goes well, we're going to have a little baby.


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  1. Mostly YAY!

    Paul, regard this as a final exam... start cramming! Love you... three, mom