Monday, December 7, 2009

The Waiting Game (Mom)

The whole "nesting" thing is absolutely not a myth. The funny thing is, it seems to have hit Paul as much as it has hit me. The two of us just keep coming up with one project after another to work on around the house. The house is getting very organized and very clean. I think it makes us both feel happy to be at home when things are in such nice order! Plus, we put some very nice finishing touches up in the nursery! :)

Paul had a great idea to do a little video journal for our son before he arrives. So yesterday we set up the camera in the nursery and talked to our baby boy. It was pretty cool, and I'm very glad that we did it! Good idea Dada! :)

I'm getting extremely anxious for our boy to arrive. Less out of discomfort (although it's true that is a factor as well) than concern though. Since they were worried that he was going to be a big baby two weeks ago, every day that goes by means he has had a chance to get bigger, increasing the risks of problems trying to give birth naturally. It just makes it harder knowing that we might have to make a decision about how to handle this best. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday and I'm really hoping that they will green light inducing me on Thursday if the baby hasn't come by then. We shall see I guess.

Come on baby boy, you're making your mommy worry!

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  1. I wish the worrying stopped at some point! :) Good luck with convinving them to induce you tomorrow!