Thursday, July 2, 2009

Checklist for Baby (Dad)

I've decided to modify this list for two reasons: 1) Many people seemed to think that this was a clue that we were having a boy. Not true. We don't know yet. 2) When I began to create a list for girls, I noticed it was very similar. Rather than be redundant, I'll just modify this to pertain to either.

1 year old - Finger paint prodigy
2 years old - Throw a baseball
3 years old - Fluent in (at least) three languages
4 years old - Dribble a basketball
5 years old - Bowl a perfect game without bumpers
6 years old - Little League pitching all-star
7 years old - Start a blog and gain at least 1,000,000 hits
8 years old - Write a children's book
9 years old - Make an award-winning short film for class project
10 years old - Make basketball, baseball / softball, and track team
11 years old - Win the National Spelling Bee
12 years old - Win the Science Fair
13 years old - Publish first novel
14 years old - Make varsity basketball, baseball / softball, and track team as freshman
15 years old - First summer job - will make $40k a year by developing website
16 years old - First white boy / white girl to win national high school dunk contest
17 years old - Internship with Pixar or LucasFilm
18 years old - Full basketball and academic scholarship to school of choice
19 years old - For boy: First girlfriend, but only if she's pre-med or pre-law
For girl: See 35
20 years old - Attain double Ph.D. in English and Computer Science
21 years old - Buy parents a beach house in Hawaii
35 years old - For girl: First boyfriend, but only if he meets the qualifications of this list.


  1. You weren't too far off until probably 5 years old. How big is he going to be to be able to bowl a perfect game? B/c I think you need more than an 8lb ball to even throw a strike! Speaking of bowling, we should all go bowling sometime!
    But, my 2 year old can throw a baseball..... well, not well, but he can. He can even wind up! And hold a mitt right too. The ball never gets in the mitt, but he has the idea (he goes to PLENTY of softball games!!).

  2. My faves are Ages 16 and 21!! Except you forgot that if it is a girl she shall have an arranged marriage with Eli. ;)

  3. Lisa - you have a 2-year-old?? ;)

    Nice list! I like the idea of a 7-year-old blogger with a million hits!

  4. You do realize that being one quarter asian still qualifies your little one as a minority. Hello scholarships!