Wednesday, July 22, 2009

19 week appointment (Mom)

Hearing the sound of our baby's heartbeat is just so amazing. Its one of those things that I think I could never get enough of. Fortunately the nurse that checks it at every appointment seems to realize this and finds a good spot and lets me listen while she watches the excitement on my face.

So today's doctor appointment went well. The baby's heart rate was at 150 and all the monthly tests and checks looked good. I got the okay to start a pregnancy yoga video, which I'm very happy about. I think it should help limit the amount of aches and pains I get as I get bigger. And I've also heard that it's really good for practicing your breathing.

I'm really coming to like my doctor quite a bit. She's kind of a no nonsense, this is how it is kind of person. She always takes the time to answer my monthly list of questions and never hesitates with the answers which makes me feel confident that she knows what she's talking about. She doesn't seem to worry too easily but she understands that I do, so she meets me in the middle. It forces me to worry a little less, which is good. Looks like I stick with her for the next two appointments before I have to start going through the rotations with all the other doctors in the practice.

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