Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seeing Our Baby (Mom)

The last time we saw our baby, he/she looked like a tiny little bean. There was nothing to indicate that it was a little person in there. This time, wow… there was a baby! And it was OUR baby. Bouncing around and wiggling and flipping. Complete with two arms and two legs, and two hands and two feet, two eyes and a little nose, and a little heart just pumping away. It’s a little version of us. I can’t explain how emotional and amazing it was to see him/her in there and to know that our baby is growing and developing just like he/she should be.

I feel little wiggly feelings in my belly from time to time now. And after seeing that ultrasound it’s no wonder; this child is bouncing all over the place!

I am just so amazed, and so thankful that we get to experience this. What a huge blessing. I can’t wait to meet our little miracle.

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