Saturday, July 11, 2009

Innie vs. Outie (Dad)

Today could be the day we find out whether we're going to have a little Elmer Goliath Bishop or a Petunia Delilah Bishop. That would be just a bonus, though. Our top priority is just to see the baby for the first time in over ten weeks. Last time we saw him/her, he/she looked like a legume. This time, God-willing, he/she should look like a fully-formed miniature version of what he/she will look like upon birth.

It's amazing how quickly the last ten weeks have flown by. Every Monday, I've taken much pleasure in Googling for "8 week fetus" or "11 week fetus" or "17 week fetus". At 17 weeks, the baby should be over 5 inches long from crown to rump, weigh around 5-6 oz., and have all the features one comes to expect from a baby: little fingers, little ears, little toe nails, and plus or minus one little feature that will determine whether this father paints the nursery hot pink or navy blue.

Just a couple more hours! They say drinking a little caffeine or sugar before the ultrasound makes the baby more wiggly so that we can see more detail. Save up your energy little Elmer/Petunia! We're hoping you'll dance for us, because we've been dancing for you for 17 weeks now.

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