Wednesday, September 16, 2009

27 Weeks... Almost (Mom)

The hospital tour was absolutely an eye opening moment for me. Before I was pregnant I told people not to tell me about childbirth until I was pregnant and there was no going back. And since I've been pregnant I think I've just avoiding thinking about it or hearing about it. But when they showed us the labor and delivery room with the breakaway bed, that's when I suddenly pictured the whole thing very clearly for the first time. And I felt terrified. I turned white and my eyes filled with tears before I could get a grip. The nurse who was giving the tour stopped and asked if I was okay. I just nodded. At this point Paul already has his arms around me squeezing me. So I knew it had hit him too. Of course I know that I will forget about the pain and that of course it is all worth it, but it was still one of those moments.

Yesterday I had my glucose test at the doctor's office. The orange thing that I had to drink was actually very yummy so I was happy about that. The nurse was super nice when I told her that sometimes I'm a problem child when it comes to needles. Both because I'm afraid of them and sometimes it's hard to find one. So after one unsuccessful try in the arm, she looked at me, took a deep breath and asked if she could try the top of my wrist. I said hey, might as well I have to tough up for my kid anyways right. And what do you know, it came out much easier that way and it really didn't hurt anymore than my arm would have. My results should be in today. They told me that if there was a problem, they would call today. If everything looked good, I would not hear from them. So far so good... but we've got 3.5 more hours before their office closes. :)

It's really hard to believe that tomorrow is 27 weeks. That means only 13 weeks to go! That's less than 100 days! It's going to go fast...

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  1. I can't believe how far you've come already. Before this pregnancy, if someone would have said they were going to put a needle in your wrist and draw blood, you would have passed out. Actually, you would have cried for a little bit, laughed because you were embarrassed about crying, and then passed out.

    One more hour! Hoping you don't have GD!!!